Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hello sweet, sweet holidays. I've missed you.

So it's been a month since I last blogged (oops), but to be fair I was pretty much consumed by uni work, freaking out about things in general, busy having the occasional weekly breakdown...basically, you know, the usual. Seriously, who knew that uni would be so time consuming? (not me).

ANYWAYS after weeks of having to endure shitty group members (who i'd probably dropkick if such practices were accepted in society), finishing off endless assignments, preparing for exams, and then doing said exams...  UNI IS OVER FOR THE SEMESTER!!!

WOOHOO! Can i get a hallelujah?! Perhaps a small gospel choir singing Hanson's MmmBop as I jump for joy, cause that's how I'm feeling right about now?!

Holidays are here now; and as per usual, doing nothing is perhaps the best feeling in the world. So as I sit in my warm, electrically heated bed (ooohyeah), I thought i'd write a quick blog post about nothing in particular. 'Cause basically life is pretty simple right about now (apart from the drama that's happening on the latest episode of Made in Chelsea that i'm watching, 'cause that shit is never simple).

Perhaps I should write a to-do list...but, you know that's kinda lame...but #yolo #swaggy #onedirectioninfection #unihasmademerealise (these are all current trends on twitter right now btw).

Here is my list-of-things-to-do-but-not-really-i'll-be-doing-nothing-before-i-go-to-amurrica:

  • Miraculously become somewhat fluent in Japanese in the span of 2 weeks (I hate being the translator)
  • Watch so much trashy TV my mind explodes and I realise how dumb everything is
  • Write more on this blog 
  • Actually write more on this blog since I just said I would 
  • Plan what the hell i'm gonna do in America 
So basically this blog is gonna transform into a sort of travel blog whilst I'm away. I wanna try and post stuff about my trip as I move from city to city, and country to country. 

Until I actually get out of my bed and do something productive with my life...i'll post something then I guess. 

Fuck yeah holidays.

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