Sunday, 18 August 2013

Napa Valley

As mentioned earlier, my dad's friend from high school (#friendship) was our quasi tour guide during our trip to San Francisco, and the great Napa Valley was a stop on our 2 day grand San Fran trip. I was also totally excited for Napa because it brought back memories of Lindsay Lohan's 'The Parent Trap' where Callie's dad/Dennis Quaid owns a vineyard in the area (#coolstory.)  

Here are a couple of photos from the 'cutest town i've ever been to' or as it's most commonly known by its name Yongueville, as well as snaps from a fancy castle/winery called Castello di Amarosa. 

Its official. I've decided my future wedding will definitely take place in Napa. Wine and great food for all.

San Francisco

To be quite honest, my time in San Francisco was short but sweet; although it was extremely, extremely cold (pretty much a 20 degree celcius drop compared to Las Vegas.) San Fran is a beautiful city from what I could tell riding those typical hop-on-hop-off big red tourist busses around town. Also loved the fact that it was just such a bustling, sophisticated, multicultural hub. 

Also courtesy of my dad's friend who took us around town, I was able to visit the Berkeley campus. Before visiting, I was seriously considering putting Berkeley as a tentative university choice for student exchange (although it's very unlikely my marks would suffice to get a place at such a prestigious college,) but after visiting the campus, my heart has told me otherwise. I wanna have that stereotypical American campus/college experience, at a university with the big stone buildings, and the leaves slowly falling as I lay on the grass sunbathing. Here are a couple of photos of Berkeley and San Fran in general.

The Painted Ladies
San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf