Sunday, 18 August 2013

San Francisco

To be quite honest, my time in San Francisco was short but sweet; although it was extremely, extremely cold (pretty much a 20 degree celcius drop compared to Las Vegas.) San Fran is a beautiful city from what I could tell riding those typical hop-on-hop-off big red tourist busses around town. Also loved the fact that it was just such a bustling, sophisticated, multicultural hub. 

Also courtesy of my dad's friend who took us around town, I was able to visit the Berkeley campus. Before visiting, I was seriously considering putting Berkeley as a tentative university choice for student exchange (although it's very unlikely my marks would suffice to get a place at such a prestigious college,) but after visiting the campus, my heart has told me otherwise. I wanna have that stereotypical American campus/college experience, at a university with the big stone buildings, and the leaves slowly falling as I lay on the grass sunbathing. Here are a couple of photos of Berkeley and San Fran in general.

The Painted Ladies
San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

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