Sunday, 18 August 2013

Napa Valley

As mentioned earlier, my dad's friend from high school (#friendship) was our quasi tour guide during our trip to San Francisco, and the great Napa Valley was a stop on our 2 day grand San Fran trip. I was also totally excited for Napa because it brought back memories of Lindsay Lohan's 'The Parent Trap' where Callie's dad/Dennis Quaid owns a vineyard in the area (#coolstory.)  

Here are a couple of photos from the 'cutest town i've ever been to' or as it's most commonly known by its name Yongueville, as well as snaps from a fancy castle/winery called Castello di Amarosa. 

Its official. I've decided my future wedding will definitely take place in Napa. Wine and great food for all.

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