Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Final America + Japan travel post

It is now the year 2014, and I just realised that I have abandoned this blog for about half a year. It's absolutely bizarre how time passes so quickly.

So now, I shall finally write the last blog post about trip to America and Japan last year. LOLz...my bad.

Yosemite National Park. 
It took way too long to get to Yosemite and we did not see any sequoias. Bummer. Nevertheless, the scenery was unreal and absolutely beaut.

After seven years, I returned to the greatest city on earth, albeit only for two weeks rather than the six months I previously spent living there. Nostalgia was at an all time high (I walked past the school I attended back in the day and my old apartment, and visited all the spots I used to frequent during my time there.) We did all the usual touristy stuff again, watched a couple of shows which were on Broadway, and saw some celebs. Cool beans.
Police trying to control a protest against the George Zimmerman case verdict
Crowd protesting against the George Zimmerman trial verdict


 This was my first time visiting Toronto, and yes, I did chuckle when the locals said 'aboot.' Another highlight was Niagra Falls. Riding the Maid of the Mist was purely mind-blowing. Unlike nothing else I had ever experienced.  

JoBro Concert
The real highlight of my Toronto trip was the fact that after approximately eight years, I went to a Jonas Brothers concert. And it was fantastic. I also somehow magically won a contest to watch their soundcheck and even got the chance to meet the 'Bro's themselves. It was insane - my 13 year old self was crying hysterically, and I must admit the 19 year old me was also shaking quite a bit (they were quite beautiful, although surprisingly short in the flesh.) In hindsight, I definitely have to thank my lucky stars. As everyone now knows, after that tour, the JoBros decided that their time together as a band was finito. Weird how life works sometimes.

Ah Tokyo, how I love you so. Despite the fact that it was a very short and sweet stop over in Tokyo, as per usual, I fell even more in love with the city.

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