Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Sister-(and Brother)-hood of the Travelling Pants take Europe

I hate to sound cliche, but on July 19th 2014 my life changed forever. On that fateful day my sisters, brethren and I trekked our way with heavy suitcases in hand (but not heavy hearts) just 'round to the other side of the world to experience the European summer of a lifetime. And so the 'Europebitchezzz' adventure began. Nothing can really prepare you for those magical first moments when you finally step out of Covent Garden tube station and see London in all its glory for the first time; or when you clamber out of the Eurostar and meander your way around the Parisian streets trying to find your apartment. Even simple things like sipping on a hearty glass of sangria at the local markets in Madrid and Barcelona, or having a well-deserved gyros after a night of dancing on those sticky alcohol ridden tables at Tropicana Club in Mykonos have come to mean so much to me. There is simply nothing that can compare to getting lost amongst the Venetian canals and windy streets, and witnessing that absolutely mind-blowing sunset whilst perched on a small hill in Santorini. Or just getting good vibes from cities like Berlin and Amsterdam, where you find yourself gawking at all the effortlessly cool locals so much so that you almost get run over by said cool local riding a bicycle every five seconds. Just being surrounded by so much history was a dream in itself. The moments spent roaming around the Palace of Versailles, Pompeii, the Pantheon, The Vatican and all the Roman sites, have become etched in my own story as a traveller. 

I also recognise that this post probably sounds ridiculously pretentious, but the memories made and the laughs had whilst getting to know these incredible cities and countries will never be lost on me. They never fail to make me smile or chuckle every time I think of them. 

So here are a few of my favourite snaps x

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