Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Four trashy and addictive shows which I can't (and won't) stop watching

SOS send help, I need to stop watching trashy TV shows. I've always been addicted to reality television, and to this day I have no idea why. Perhaps, it is because I lack the strength, determination and commitment to get all up in what's happening in Meredith Grey's life, or I just can't be bothered to sit through ten seasons worth of a show just to have my favourite character killed off in the most horrific way. Perhaps, it's just because i'm a weirdo who enjoys LOLing at the stupidity of other people who put their life on show for the whole world (sounds sadistic, but at least i'm being honest). Maybe my love of reality began when I was a wee lass watching My Super Sweet Sixteen, Cribs and Total Request Live on MTV, and i've just never grown out of this dumb phase. Who knows?!

All I know is that I get a lot of shit from people telling me that i'm too smart to be watching this 'crap'.

Reality TV gets a bad rep for being fake (which I don't doubt it is), superficial (don't doubt this either) and mind numbing. But who cares?! Your eye rolling when i'm watching the new episode of Real Housewives in my uni lecture won't stop me from doing my thang. Let me live my life, and let me watch my trashy television in peace preferably without your condescending eye-rolling and endless stream of sighs.

In homage to reality television, here are four trashy shows that I should probably stop watching (but can't, and won't):

1. Made in Chelsea

I'm proud to say that this is the first reality show that i've watched ALL 9 seasons of!! What's kept me around for this long isn't the incestuous relationship drama each season, or the fact that i'm ogling both the guys and gals on this show (they all have killer hair and a wardrobe that i'd sell my first born for). What's had me hooked since Day Uno is that the show just plays into and capitalises on the posh British stereotype so well. It's all for show, but like I said who cares?! I'm sticking around for its eclectic soundtrack and the endless awkward eye contact and silences that the show is so famous for. Plus, they know how to film a good 'let's break up by a river bank in London' scene.

2. Geordie Shore

If Geordie Shore was a person, it would be Made In Chelsea's unrefined little scummy cousin who does super questionable things, but is that charismatic cheeky chap that everyone still loves and can't get enough of. I have no idea why this show is so appealing to me. I mean half of the time I gasp in horror at what's happening on the TV screen, but for the other half I can definitely be found hardcore LOLing at something ridiculous the Geordie's have said on their night out on the 'toon'. 'Wahey' as they say.

3. Catfish

Ahhh, Catfish! Social media + people blinded by love + the big reveal + inevitable heartbreak when person finds out the love of their life isn't who they really think they are = reality TV gold. Enough said.

4. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Despite all the success, spanx, and bodycon, this show is  still going strong even though it's graced our screens for a solid nine or ten years. Keeping Up dwells on the whole family first concept, but does so in such a good humoured way that it's kind of weirdly endearing. Plus, Khloe is always there keepin' it real, and if she isn't your favourite Kardashian, don't kid yourself. Khloe and her one liners have kept this show alive. Also honourable mentions to Lord Disick.

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