Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Las Vegas (pt deux): The Grand Canyon

This has been an extremely delayed post; but since i'm back home in Aus now and have perfectly good wifi and a bit of time on my hands, here is a new post from my travels (albeit there are many more parts to go...i'll get there eventually).

I didn't have much of an idea of the Grand Canyon before going to Las Vegas. I mean, this was partly due to the fact that I erroneously believed that the Grand Canyon was part of Mount Rushmore (you know the place in Wisconsin where the faces of all the US Presidents are carved into rock?) But after travelling for a solid two hours in the desert, with cacti and barren land the only view from my bus window, the Grand Canyon simply blew my mind (like nothing that I have ever seen before in my very short lifespan). Pictures do not do the Canyon justice at all; and it was pretty amazing to see how good 'ol mother nature could create something so beautiful. You might be thinking, 'but you're basically staring at rocks.' That is true, my friend, but you have to see it with your own eyes to fully grasp how awesome it is. So even though I just said that photos don't do it justice, hopefully the brilliance of the Grand Canyon still translates.

I also went on the Skywalk, a new tourist attraction where glass basically juts out past the cliff edge, so that you can see the canyon below you. You also have to wear special slippers on your shoes to prevent any destruction to the glass floor (ooOOoo fancy). NGL, the glass floor absolutely terrified me (i'd rather be stuck in the desert with hyenas circling around me, than look down through that glass floor...well that's a lie but let's go with that). PS: embarrassing family photo on the Skywalk to come.

ridin' via an old horse + carriage (courtesy of the Hualapai tribe)

We also detoured via the Hooverdam, one of the 'largest hydroelectric projects in US history'. It was huge, and that is all.

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