Wednesday, 24 April 2013

'Why do you think you have the X-Factor?'

If you know me personally, you will most likely know that another dirty little secret of mine is the fact that i'm a massive, fat, disgusting, reality TV junkie. If there was some form of Alcoholics Anonymous group except for reality TV addicts, i'd probably be bowing my head in shame, tears welling in my eyes whilst I would say, 'Hi, i'm Jess. And i've got a serious obsession with reality TV. This is my first step to recovery.'

Not that this scenario hasn't happened before. During my first arts tute for a course i'm taking this semester, the tutor made everyone introduce themselves, making sure that everyone included a 'special' fact about themselves (btw i hate these 'get to know you' games with a burning passion). Everyone went around the room muttering the same 'I like music', 'I love surfing', 'I love being a general fatshit,' but when it came to me, all I could say was 'I just really love reality TV.' At that moment, i'm pretty sure the whole room laughed at my deep dark word-vomitty confession. But hey, honesty is the best policy, and I blame old school MTV shows like Laguna Beach and Cribs for transforming me into the person that I am today.

I could go on and list all the shows that I watch/like, but I just can't be bothered. Use your imagination a little to think of what I would probably watch (but if you think i'm a Teen Mom kind of girl, you're barking up the wrong tree TV [excuse my poor efforts at being witty])

I have been to a couple of live tapings of reality TV shows, and I just think it's so cool to be a part of a live audience witnessing how magic showbiz works before your eyes. This week was no different. On Monday, I was lucky enough to score a couple of tickets to be part of the audience of the upcoming season of The X-Factor Australia. Most of the auditionee's were generally pretty good, apart from the occasional troll that the producer's chose just for laughs (pretty horrible if you think about it.) Plus, the judging panel was better than expected. New judges Dannii Minogue and LMFAO's Redfoo (yeah, seriously, i know you're thinking what the fuck, because i did too), were surprisingly not that shitty, even though I missed Mel B's presence.

Here are a couple of pictures from the taping (these were taken before the show started filming, so X-Factor please don't sue me ok):

Waddup shitty lighting in the arena. 

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