Sunday, 14 April 2013

#fangirllyfe (blast from my 13 year old past)

Britney Spears once sang the line 'I must confesssss, I still believeeeee,' whilst prancing down a school hallway, and dancing like a boss in pigtails (with fluffy pink elastics that were the bomb-diggity) in one of her best songs ever, 'Hit Me Baby One More Time.' And, Blogspot, I know we only just met, and I  think it's been a week since I started this blog, but I feel like I am comfortable enough to tell you the truth.

*Cue Usher singing 'these are my confessions' whilst the lights dim*

I was a massive JoBro fan back in the day. dun dun dunnnnn....

If you have known me since I was an annoying middle-schooler (bleurgh), this is not new information and you have probably endlessly teased me about it; but alas, here is my deep dark secret (LOL).

I must admit, my love for the Jonai did die down for a significant period of time due to their hiatus, and did turn into a bit of resentment (because they never once came here in the eight years for a single performance...and still haven't come to this day...yeah i'm not bitter at allll :/ ). But searching through my iTunes in the past Summer break, I finally decided to not skip past all their songs, and just had a massive JoBro listening session. And you know what? It was like no time had passed at all. You know when you listen to a song that you absolutely used to love and one that holds a special place in your heart, and when it comes up on shuffle you remember just how significant that song was to you and all the memories associated with that song come flooding back? Yeah, I totally had one of those moments. Pure hardcore nostalgia.

Anyways, i'm rambling. The simple story is, the brother's Jonas are back with new music, and I thought i'd do a little review on it. When I first heard that the title for their comeback single was 'Pom Poms', the first thought that popped into my head if I recall correctly was, 'what the actual fuck?'. Then I heard a leaked clip of the song, and to be honest, I wasn't impressed at all. I just thought it was a mess of horns and brass playing in an ugly sounding minor key. However, the music video was released, and damn, were my initial reactions to the song completely and utterly wrong. The edgy marching band/high school cheerleading theme was entertaining and fun to watch (it's like a semi-twerk video tbh), and the song itself, is ridiculously catchy (it's a really good workout song, if you're one of those people who don't listen to electronic or hip hop genres when werkin'/dying on dat treadmill.) Plus, the riff played by the brass band and the chorus of the song is one that drills itself into your brain after a while. I must state however, that the lyrics aren't the best. So if you're after some good ol' fashioned pop, give this song a listen.

Also, my 13 year old self would probably be hyperventilating and crying right now, since I managed to get a ticket to the Jonas Brothers Live Tour show in Toronto that's happening in July this year (just to state, I was originally going to America and Canada during this period, but it so happens the tour dates coincided with the dates of my trip! #happydayz!!!) But I guess you could say my 18 year old self is pretty damn excited to see them for the first time ever as well, if i'm being completely confessional.

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  1. Omg I was totally a huge jonas brothers fan my early years of high school too! The level of fandom is embarrassing looking back, the concerts were always the highlights of my summer! I can't say I really liked this new song :( But I hope you have fun at the concert!

    Mili from call me, Maeby