Thursday, 4 April 2013

Food comas

The time is currently 10:41pm, and my eyes are begging to close; but alas, my good friend Passenger's soothing voice is propelling me forward in a delirious state to write this post.

Today's exhaustion--and I am sure to sound like a certified fatty-- is most likely attributed to today's feasting (yes, I did just say feasting, and boy am I serious.) 

It was my friend's 20th birthday (woohooo!!) last week, so today, for the purpose of celebrating her graduation from teenage-dom, my pals and I decided to splurge. We ended up going to Jamie's Italian in Sydney's CBD. Jamie's, yes, a restaurant by the Naked Chef himself, is a bustling restaurant with a generally chilled out atmosphere, (apart from the occasional scream by the waiters who can deafen people in Africa with their screams: 'SERVICE!!!!~!!') friendly service, and DAMN GOOD FOOD (it was so good, it has to be expressed in CAPS, and you know shit is real when caps are used.)  Here are a couple of snaps.

Black Angel Spaghetti

Wild Truffle Risotto
My friends according to their pseudonyms (lolz): Sparkling Lights, Little E + yours truly
The classiest bunch: Mojojojo, Miss T
In retrospect,  i've never heard so many collective "oooo that's soOOoo good" and general mumbles/ noises that people make when food is just so friggin' tasty. Unfortunately dessert at Jamie's wasn't on the cards because we all had food comas by that euphoric, heavenly stage

But, of course, we all agreed dessert was essential (as Marie Antoinette once said 'let them eat cake,' and eat cake, chocolate and other goodies we did!) The Lindt cafe in Martin Place was our destination/general slumming place for approximately 3 hours [oops!!], and i'm pretty sure five consecutive groups of customers seated next to us came and went by the time we finally decided to get off our booties and walk all that chocolate off. Although the first taste of chocolate is super, there is an acknowledged limit when you start feeling the chocolate coursing through your veins, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is when you know you should put that fork down right now. Unfortunately, that limit was after a few bites and sips of what we ordered. 

Also, if you're one of those people who are like '~omg! don't be silly, no-one's gonna steal your umbrella!!~' in a collective piles of umbrellas at the door, there is a very high chance your umbrella will be stolen by the umbrella fairies, and I will laugh in your face. KARMA YO. 

Lindt chocolate shared platter

Overall, I must say today was just generally fun. It's pretty great to hang out with friends, some you haven't seen in a while, and have it be like good ol' times. Just laughs and stupid banter. And of course a food coma helps. #godimsocheesy


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