Thursday, 18 April 2013

Uni: a never ending black hole.

So this past week, uni has completely taken over my whole life. If i'm being all metaphorical and shiz, I can only describe the past week using this random little anecdote that I just made up: i've fallen into a never ending black hole filled with endless assignments, 60 page readings, annoying groups to deal with and general crap  (#firstworldproblems.) I've also been procrastinating heavily this past week by watching the Coachella live stream on YouTube (It's bittersweet. Obviously bummed because I wasn't there to physically experience it, but all the live sets I watched were just so damn good. Especially the 1901/Ignition mashup during the Phoenix set which is posted below.) But hallelujah!! After tomorrow, everything should somewhat be back to normal. Nevertheless, i'm way too tired to actually think and spew my emotions out online in a blog post. So I decided that a couple of gifs of my favourite Rebel Wilson quotes will suffice. She did a pretty damn good job hosting the MTV Movie Awards the other day, and she's just hi-larious to put it frankly.

Fun fact of the day: Rebel Wilson graduated from my uni a couple of years ago, completing the same degree that I'm currently doing. I was pretty chuffed to find out she was a past law school alumni tbh (ooOOoo.)

(The images above are not my own and are the property of the original gif-makers.)

And here's the glorious 1901/Ignition mentioned above:

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  1. Ahhh such an amazing mashup!

    Jade xx